Almas/ Bimms/ Brinn

  • Alowiss
  • Anameri – Female Human. Vaserii agent (Almas) contact to hire mercenary-wizards
  • Androthalas Rivenest – Iori’s brother (Fusil, Almas, Brinn)
  • Carcott – Human Male. Thief. Works out of the Shivers (almas)
  • Delian – Female Human [Quadrian] Guild of Alchemsists. (Almas)
  • Gandron. Male Dwarf. Cleric of Asmodeus.
  • Harthen – Male Human. Boatman/ Harbourman. Agent for Lleth (Almas) DEAD
  • Landrandiela – Female Half-Elf. High Cleric of Sarenrae (Almas)
  • Maestro Deestra – (Bimms)
  • Mareco – Halfling Male. Fence/ Thief. Runs the zeng cooperative at the hill eatery.
  • Master Alendosh – Human Male. Treasurer of Alchemy Guild. Family Friend of Rivenor/ Rivenest families (Almas)
  • Master Malesh – Male Human [Taldane]. Guild of Alchemsists (Almas)
  • Master Merryweather & Merrigold – Halflings. Run boardinghouse (Bimms)
  • Master Kespan – Male Human. Owns Ethereal Delights (Almas)
  • Mizielbian – Male Elf (Almas)
  • Private Cospars – Male Human. Andoran Army. (Bimms)
  • Rubian – Male Elf (Almas)
  • Sareh – Female Human. Godwin Calien’s GF. Rescued from Temple of Lamashtu (Almas)


  • Elmon Calien – Human. Cleric of Caden Calien (Cassomir)
  • Errit – Halfling. Driver of “Lightning Leopud’s Lightning Fast Taxi Service” coach (Cassomir)
  • Etisia – Female Human. Cleric of Pharasma (Cassomir). helping party with Fusil
  • Father Fadane – Human Cleric of Abadar (Cassomir)
  • Father Sidus Nopp – Cleric of Pharasma (Cassomir) DEAD
  • “Father” Rayoord – Human. Defrocked Cleric of Pharasma/ Necromancer (Fusil/ Cassomir)
  • Minster Frem – Human. Noble linked to Pier 17 (Cassomir)
  • Nale(m), Anela (f), Oicles(m), Apah(m) – Human. Clerics of Pharasma (Cassomir) Traveling to Fusil
  • Netta Ana – Female Human. Cleric of Sarenrae(Cassomir). At the hidden temple
  • Jekked – Male Dwarf. Former Monk of Pharasma. Companion of party. Now a Cultist of the Formless one (Cassomir)

Fusil/ Verduran Forest

  • Mayor Unril Foghammer – Dwarven Mayor of Fusil
  • Acenia Wilton – Half-Elf Questor. Half-sister of Kristoff (Fusil)
  • “Old” Reynald – Elderly Aasimar scholar. Friend of Acenia and Kristoff (Fusil)
  • Tetol Q’ien – Male Gnome. Master Locksmith (Fusil)
  • Saminin Ere – Human. Old human who worked for Old man Wilton. Retired Miller (Fusil)
  • Sgt. Grell – Male Dwarf. Chapter head of the Clasped Hands Merc co



  • Sosh Naren – Female, Half-Elf 5th (Ex)Paladin of Sarenrae/2nd Fighter. Sent to help Kristoff. Killed by Kristoff. Ghoul version killed by D’andre. Resurrected after the battle of Fusil. Subsequently quit the party after the fight at Gorp’s grove. Lost faith in the church of Sarenrae

Verduran Forest

  • Gandorf the Grey – Head of the Order of the Mysterious Grey Wizards (Verduran Forest)
  • Grey Malem – Human. Order of the Mysterious Grey Wizards. (Fusil – )
  • Oslill – Male Wood Giant – leader fo the local clan of wood giants in the Verduran
  • Henekel – Black Dragon (Verduran forest). Offspring of Skrung (UndelKynn/Genne) DEAD
  • Skrung (UndelKynn/Genne) (Fort Mex/ Verduran Forest) Elder Black Dragon
  • Gorp – Faerie Dragon that lives in the Andoran Verduran.

DeAndre’s Followers/ Cohort (taken from Kristoff)

  • Antorny – Male Human. knowledge: religion, survival (High)
  • Tamod – Male Human. Knowledge: Religion (high). Was an initiate of Sarenrae
  • Todd the Tall (From Taldor) – Male Human. Perception, survival, handle animal. Trait perception.
  • Marra “Mary” Merrybottle- Female Halfling – Craft: Cooking


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