The Master of the Silver Sign

A mysterious masked figure who heads the Silver Sign


An exceptionally tall, masked figure completely clad in a dark blue-purple robe of unusual design and material.
Stooped, he towers over the tallest man and speaks in laboured, almost hissing breaths. Unusually, this speech issue is only sometimes present. At other times he seems to speak with an almost supernatural clarity.


Little is known about the man behind the mask, even by majority of the Questors. His accent and land of origin is imperceptible and most of the Silver Sign can’t recall having ever seen his face.

He showed up from the East some years ago and began personally recruiting people into the western branch of the Silver Sign often picking people lost or broken by troubled pasts. By giving them a chance at personal redemption it’s believed that the master himself will be redeemed by whatever has left him physically broken.
The best that the other Questors have pieced together is that at some point he made a “mistake” and paid dearly for it. Some believe this may have been a mystical duel or experiment that has left his body wracked and destroyed. Certainly his will alone has given him the power to endure where weaker men would have succumbed. It with that razor will that he fights a war against the followers of the Formless One

Not an outwardly warm man the master seems to know just when to bolster the spirits of a Questor, offering comfort and renewing their courage and hope inspiring them to endure and thrive in the face of adversity. At the same time he allows those of the order to stand on their own rendering assistance and guidance as needed.

Like his council he seems to have an unnatural ability to be where he’s most needed even when those distances would be impossible to cross by natural means.

The Master of the Silver Sign

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