Questor Lleth

Half-Elven Questor in Almas


At odds and uncomfortable with herself, her elven heritage is quite apparent.


Filled with the wanderlust common to most Half-Elves Lleth chafes under the demands of being stationed in Almas and still, at least to her mind, hasn’t become accustomed to city life.
She’s frustrated that her mentor, Avel, is free to travel the roads and woodlands while she is stuck guarding a city that wants her as little as she wants it.

She takes her duties seriously and is willing to go to almost any length to ensure the missions of the Sliver Sign are successful. Often this puts her in great personal danger and taxes her already limited resources to their maximum. Such is her dedication that those within the order worry about the effect her duties might have on her and there is a concern that she may become a casualty to the ongoing clandestine war – if not in the body then definitely the spirit.

She is chiefly drawn to foreigners and outsiders finding the typical Alman attitude to be overly proud and as such found herself a welcome guest among a warren of Ratfolk. A rare honour few know. Lleth is perhaps least comfortable around full blooded Elves. Much of her time involves maintaining her massive spy network in the area.

Questor Lleth

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